Juanita High School Football Field, USA

Juanita High School upgraded the existing lighting to LED lighting, with LEDTURE Model A lighting fixtures.


The School determined to replace the conventional lighting fixtures to LED for their football field, to improve the lighting quality and provide a safer experience for players. 8 existing poles with 90ft & 100ft height are located at two sides, and the different installation heights make the lighting needs special adjustment to avoid dark areas.


LEDTURE has been involved in this project from lighting design to installation, especially the retrofit package which provides strong support for the LED installation. The 30pcs Model A fixtures give a 50footcandles illuminance on the football pitch & 20footcandles on the track, at the same time, the good spill light control also greatly reduces the impact on the surrounding areas.

Learn more: Juanita HS Football Field Lighting, in WA, USA - YouTube


Installation Time: August, 2022

Location: WA, USA

Installed Luminaire: Model A

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