River Oaks Country Club, USA

LEDture Model A led lights for a tennis courts upgrade lighting, with 960W to achieve Class II USTA lighting on courts – Average of 75+FC(800+LUX) and uniformity ratio of less than 2 to 1(over 0.5 Emin/Emax), before changing to LED the court had a Class IV rating of 42FC(452LUX).

Uniformity of brightness spread evenly throughout the court surface on LED court.  Metal halide courts have dark spots behind baseline and in the middle of the courts. And the Color Rendering Index (CRI) at 94 on the LED court captures the true colors of the red clay.  The metal halide has a CRI of 50 and colors are washed out.

Video introduction: Tennis Courts Lighting - River Oaks Country Club - LEDture fixtures - YouTube


Installation Time: January, 2021

Location: Houston, USA

Installed Luminaire: Model A

River Oaks Country Club, USA

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