Ledture's CE, CB and ENEC Certifications

Ledture products can be used in a variety of different applications, such as sports venues, airport, industrial, packing lot and port. In order to meet market requirements, all of our products got CE, CB, RoHS and ENEC product certifications; IP66, IK08 standard test and the 1000 hours of salt mist test.


With the above series of product certifications, we believe that great importance to product quality management and safety performance. 

CE Certification is required for all industrial products entering or being sold in the European Union, the European Commission describes the CE mark as a "passport" that allows manufacturers to circulate industrial products freely within the internal market of the EU. The CE mark certifies that the products have met EU health, safety and environmental requirements that ensure consumer and workplace safety. All manufacturers in the EU and abroad must affix the CE mark to those products covered by the "New Approach" directives in order to market their products in Europe. Once a product receives the CE mark, it can be marketed throughout the EU without undergoing further product modification.


CB Certification is a multilateral agreement between participating countries and their resident certification organization. CB certification is limited to electrical and electronic products. The scheme was implemented to promote global harmonization and reduce barriers to trade. Any product carrying a CB certification will be accepted by participating laboratories and certification organizations around the world and be awarded applicable national safety certification. The main objective of the scheme is to facilitate trade between attesting countries and to promote the harmonization of standards on an international basis, in this respect it forms the basis of the world’s first international system of report acceptance.


ENEC Certification is the high-quality European Mark for electrical products that demonstrates compliance with European standards (EN). European Certification Bodies in the electrical sector have opened the European ENEC Mark to all electrical product sectors. Testing takes place in independent ENEC approved Testing Laboratories worldwide, and in approved Manufacturers’ Laboratories. ENEC means safety in Europe, and all signatories of the ENEC Mark Scheme actively support its commitment to the highest safety levels.