Light Show via DMX Solution

In the sports lighting, entertainment light show and energy saving are important parts, Ledture provides the sports lighting with DMX solution for the entertainment light show and also for different lighting levels to save the energy cost.

Ledture sports lighting fixtures can create an impressive experience for the players and fans, via the pole chase, fixture chase, pulse and score etc shows. And also can adjust the lights to different lighting levels or adjust the lights for only part of the field, turn on the LED lights according to the actual needs and then save the energy.


>30 Optical Light Distribution

Ledture provides the industry leading optical solutions, with more than 30 kinds of optical lens for any applications, gives the advanced and professional illuminating performance for sports field, parking, outdoor and indoor area etc places.

>30 Optical Light Distribution

Ultimate Spill Glare Control

Spill glare is the first consideration when choosing sports lighting fixtures, the normal metal halide light has a strong light which causes glare and partially stronger areas of light, which makes it difficult for athletes to secure the optimal view during a competition, and make it impossible to see the flagpole or other structures. 

The common method to control the spill glare is to use metal reflecting plate, to reduce glare and focus the lights, but Ledture does much more better on this, patented optical lens are designed for the Ledture lighting fixtures, they can not only solve the light leakage problem but also increase the light efficiency, makes a better controlled spill glare and a better lighting performance.

Higher Light Utilization Rate

Ledture lighting fixtures are both with high light efficiency and high lumen output, and the advantage is the utilization rate of light. 

Ledture lighting fixtures have higher utilization rate of light, because of the own designed professional optical lenses, which can focus more light to the areas that need to be illuminated, which greatly reduces the waste of light and allow a better, efficient lighting performance.

Flicker Free

Metal halide lights have the characteristic of causing flickering to occur during the photo or slow motion video rendering, and even many other brands led lighting products have the same flickering problem too.

On the contrary, Ledture sports lighting fixtures support ultra-slow motion which is based on the high level led driver and led diodes, this brings a flicker-free, ultra-precision broadcasting for the enjoyment of viewers.

High Level Surge Protection

Ledture lighting fixtures are all with high level 40KV/20KA surge protection. The lighting fixtures are designed with high level led driver and patent designed surge protection device(unique connection inside) to protect the circuit, with the Transient Voltage Suppression Diodes to protect sensitive electronic components from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events.

High Level Surge Protection

Cooling Technology

Ledture lighting fixtures are designed with modular structure, in horizontal or vertical direction, to improve the thermal performance in various lighting applications.

For LED lighting, effective heat management is directly related to the product life, and the cooling technology is one of the key technologies. Using the module design technology, a natural convection method is adopted rather than a forced circulation method. According to Chimney Effect, it forms a relatively high air velocity field in which the hot air convects with the cool air, therefore eliminate the Heat Island Effect from the bottom of heat sink, to reach a good heat dissipation.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

In the color rendering index (CRI), the color of an object when seen in natural light is defined as 100, and the index value shows how close the object color seen in the artificial lighting matches the color in natural light, the light with a high CRI will present people and objects in a clearer and more vivid manner than with low CRI .

The normal metal halide sports lighting has a low CRI, around 60, but Ledture led sports lighting fixtures provide a higher CRI at least 70 or 80, which brings a much better visual experience. And Ledture can also make lighting fixtures with higher CRI at 94, to provide an excellent visual experience.

Cooling Technology

Industry Leading Product Specifications

Ledture can provides the highest power fixtures in the led sports lighting, 2400W, a high wattage but with same class optical performance, thermal management and lamp structure.

And for all Ledture lighting fixtures, an at least 10 years warranty is provided to allow a good experience for the partners and customers.

Industry Leading Product Specifications

Salt Spray 2000-hour per ASTM B117

The product surface treatment, Ledture does 3 more steps before coating than most suppliers, treatment on the subsurface and then super durable coating on the surface, which helps to have a good corrosion resistence, meets the 2000-hour salt spray certification test per ASTM Standard B117-2018. 

Salt Spray 1000-hour per ASTM B117